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The Band

GeorgiGeorgi Sneckner Longboya / Vocalist
Georgi has been singing for over 30 years. She has the energy and appeal of the likes of Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, in both stage presence and vocal quality. Georgi has sung with a diverse and impressive list of musicians. She takes great pleasure in making sure the audience is having a good time! Her performance is not limited to singing, she loves engaging the audience by having them participate with her as she sings and dances. Georgi is a driving force behind the band. Besides writing lyrics and music for some of the bands most popular original music, she is also an integral component for marketing the band and booking shows. Georgi is truly an impact entertainer with versatility and talent. Don’t miss her! Georgi & Roland founded ‘Georgi and the Rough Week’ in 1996


RolandRoland Longboya / Guitars
Roland has been playing guitar for over 30 years now. Playing stages of all types, and never giving his audience less than a stellar performance. Some of his influences are, Freddy King, Jeff Beck & Peter Green. He gets in the zone and makes you feel as if he’s possessed. “Real artists don’t possess their talent so much as their talent posses them” He is a guitar virtuoso and one of the best Blues Musicians in the Bay Area. Listening to Roland play is an experience that is second to none. His incredible ability has enabled him to play with a vast number of great musicians. He is truly unique and one of a kind. You will feel his tone! Roland & Georgi founded ‘Georgi and the Rough Week’ in 1996.



Mike RenoMike Tringali / Bass-Vocals
Mike has been a life-long musician as a guitarist, keyboardist and front man for bands ranging from glam rock, punk, rockabilly, classic rock, and reggae styles. Notable bands include T.C. LED, Moth Liquor, Ginger, Tommy Dee, The Dix, The Street Punks, The Bomb Squad, The Next, The Buddy Holly Jr. Show, Tony Sinsinatty, The Spliftones, Red DI, and the New Fendermen. Mike and Roland have been life-long friends and it was just a matter of time before they connected musically. Mike’s philosophy is to be unique, stay committed, and have fun! Mike’s experience with many musical genres provides an element of “Groove” to the Rough Week’s brand of blues. His style of bass playing brings a fresh sound as the latest addition to Georgi and the Rough Week.


DanDan Lewis / Drums-Vocals
Dan began playing drums in grade school in Northern New Jersey. Playing in various bands throughout high school and college, his roots are primarily in rock & roll. His boyhood friend and mentor Jimmy “Mouse” Michalowski (former protégée of Joe Morello, legendary drummer for the Dave Brubeck Quartet) helped him to develop his unique drumming style and his pocket groove. After moving to the West Coast he branched out into different musical genres including New Wave, Progressive Rock, R&B, and Jazz. Dan’s been fortunate to have done clinic work with jazz guitar virtuoso Warren Nunes who Dan says, “totally blew me away.”



IN MEMORY OF Annie Tregoning 11/2/46 – 10/12/04
Former Bassist – Vocalist
Annie started her musical interests in the ’60’s, playing in an all women band. The next several years she played the greater San Francisco Bay Area during the “Summer of Love” years, with many great musicians of the time. Annie wrote both lyrics & music and along with her commanding bass lines, Ann contributed a sultry vocal quality that you wouldn’t forget.